Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weather report for today..."Mostly Sunny", how about "Mostly HOT?"

I realize that it's 92 degrees (but feels like 107) and the humidity is 57% but I thought I'd post about this anyway. Last winter when it was nippy I knitted these skull caps for my two step sons B and M. I used Bernat Camouflage yarn in Outback and Mash. They also have Pink Camo! I'll have to knit one for A, my Sista-Friend in Seattle for this winter since she's been on my case since I've started knitting! I'd really like to learn to knit some of these Helmet liners/Neck Coolers for our Troops. Speaking of Troops I'd like to Congratulate my Kuya on his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve and my sister-in-law J to a Master Sergeant...well deserved.


karin said...

how cute! I love your site, don't you just have so much fun with it like it's your own private space to create! HUGS

Red_Indian said...

how cute! Don't you just love this site, it is like your own private world to create in.