Monday, June 11, 2007

A trip to Baton Rouge and the Dentist...

Well, the day-trip to Baton Rouge is a lot more joy than the dentist office. I was home last week for a few days due to a toothache and some dental work. I'd explain more but I'm afraid my tooth will start to hurt again! On a lighter note R and I took the dogs to Baton Rouge last Saturday for the day (before my tooth incident). We went to the Red Stick Farmers Market and bought veggies, fruit and some herbs plants. After we took the dogs to the dog park. As I mentioned here before, Bruneaux has the "little man syndrome". Well, at the dog park a Pit Bull aggravated him and Bruneaux started to growl and bark at him and was ready to brawl. I swooped Bruneaux up in my arms. Little does he know that the Pit Bull can eat him in one bite! The Pit Bulls' head is the same size as Bruneaux's body! My "little man" has some Cajun fire in his blood! Other than that Buddy and Bruneaux had a great time smelling and socializing with other dogs.

A "must stop" for us when we do go to Baton Rouge is a trip to "Death Valley". Well, that's another name for Tiger Stadium at LSU. R graduated from LSU and I do believe he bleeds purple and gold! LSU fans are very loyal and are die-hard Tiger fans. Mike the Tiger recently passed away. He lived his last years in great comfort.

Our final stop was at the LSU Hilltop Arboretum. We'll have to come back in early Spring when it's not quite hot. The dogs enjoyed their garden stroll! Bruneaux slept all the way home!

Oh, and check this out, the Arboretum has a Hodge Podge garden as well! It's where the Arboretum’s friends and fans have the opportunity to scour their gardens for plants in need of a new home. I would love this sign in our Hodge ~ Podge crop!

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