Monday, June 18, 2007

'Ole' Bento!

Today I have some leftovers from last nights supper. I made Pork Enchiladas but since it's R's fave I left it for his lunch today.

First tier: Pork Carnitas (used in enchiladas) and Mexican Rice and a bottle of Tomatillo Sauce

Second tier: Fresh Roasted Beets (from Red Stick Farmers Market in Baton Rouge) and Sweeeeeet Roasted Yellow Peppers from our garden

Secret compartment (under lid): Three Mango Cream Sandwich Cookies

I start a 6-week knitting class tonight. D is going to teach us to knit socks, I'm excited! The class is from 6-8pm so I brought this for my snack. Butter Crackers, Pepper jack Cheese and Grapes.
Abigail at Bento Yum inquired about my Herb Lime Rice and the Eggplant recipe. I found this recipe at Chowhound and modified it with our herbs that we grow in our garden. Not only did I use Cilantro, I added Italian Flat Parsley, Basil and Mint. Very fragrant. As for the Eggplant I just sliced, drizzled olive oil and sprinkled salt and pepper and put em' on the grill. Easy-Peasy! I find roasting any vegetable moves it up to another dimension. I roasted Green Beans awhile back and my stepsons B and M really enjoyed them this way which is hard to believe because they would not even touch them before.
'Olé!', in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, used to express excited approval, for example at sporting events. Possibly derived from Arabic w-Allāh = "by Allah!", carried over from medieval Muslim rule in Spain.


Biggie said...

Those roasted yellow peppers look great!

Abigail Munday said...

Thanks for the recipes! Too bad I haven't been able to find fresh cilantro here in Japan...bummer about that rice recipe. I've got eggplant in the fridge, though, so definitely can make the grilled recipe.

Irene, another beautiful bento lunch! You go, girl!

The Lactivist said...

Well done. I love that you always use the space below the lid...I'm nuts about finding things to shove under there.

Must. Make. Every. ml. count. :) the cilantro, have you tried growing it indoors? It grows REALLY well in most climates, I'd think you could plant some seeds in a pot near a sunny window and be set. I'm happy to send you some seeds if you want to give it a try...