Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Forever New Orleans

I will be in New Orleans for work. We will be delivering our meeting planners a holiday gift. We will also be hosting a reception in their honor at the famous Arnaud's. Arnaud's has been a family business since 1918. I'm staying at a boutique hotel the Bienville House which is in the French Quarter. If you plan to visit during the Holiday Season I highly recommend the Reveillon Dinners in restaurants throughout the city. Three of their Reveillon restaurants - Commander's Palace, Galatoire's, and Tujague's are more than 100 years old! It's the authentic taste of Christmas New Orleans Style. This is my favorite time to be in the Crescent City.

The cultural riches, sensual indulgences and unparalleled service that define the New Orleans experience continue to flourish, as they have for centuries. With all of its facets, a New Orleans experience is never anything but completely authentic. The city’s marvelous eccentricities are born from a rich heritage, respectfully and indelibly woven into the fabric of everyday life here. New Orleans doesn’t act a part for its visitors; it simply welcomes everyone with open arms to a world all its own. The city is full of complexities and contradictions, but its multifaceted personality somehow blends into an offbeat harmony that defines the city’s unmistakable charm. Like the most gracious Southern hostess, New Orleans welcomes visitors with a genuine hospitality and singular flair. The city’s intricate mélange of cultures creates a chameleon destination; with so many aspects to its character, the city can fulfill every agenda with equal enthusiasm. ~ New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

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