Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

Happy May Day everyone! I grew up in Hawaii and celebrating May Day in Hawaii is a big event. I remember planning and practicing our hula performances for the May Day program. My Mom strung leis for a local company and the day before May 1st she would be up late stringing all sorts of leis, primarily Plumeria Leis. I guess you can compare her madness to a florist the day before Valentines Day. R did plant a couple of Plumeria trees a couple of weeks ago. I've been told it won't be full grown for another 2 years. I'll have to wait until then to string a Lei. Below is a picture of the flowers that are presently planted in our front entry...a Snapdragon or White Lilly Lei anybody???
According to Harry B. Soria, the celebration of May 1 as Lei Day was invented in 1927 by island artist, writer Donald Benson Blanding and Grace Tower Warren. Don Blanding is also credited with the invention of the custom of tossing your lei overboard when you sailed from Honolulu. If the lei came back to shore (and most did) it supposedly meant you would return.

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