Friday, May 25, 2007

K, R and I attended the premiere of Little Chenier at the Cinema at the Bayou Film Festival. Talk about a great movie. Little Chenier captures the lives, culture and meaning of the Cajuns. I'm Filipino and was raised in Hawaii with many different cultures and I truly can relate to heritage and traditions. I've lived here in Lafayette for 3 years now and Louisiana has many similarities to Hawaii. The Cajuns are like the Hawaiians staying with tradition and true to their culture. K and I had the opportunity to meet and take a picture with Chris Mulkey who plays the Sherriff of Cameron Parish. We realized how busy he was meeting and greeting everyone at the movie premiere, but he took a couple of minutes to chat with us. He is a genuinely nice man. If Little Chenier comes to your town it's a "must see" and I highly recommend it.

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