Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my love affair with vietnamese food

i would like to personally thank my friend jf for introducing me to this wonderful cuisine 10+ years ago. i seriously could eat vietnamese food everyday for the rest of my life, ask my DH. i was very fortunate living in diverse cities and being able to have whatever my palette craved for. the closest vietnamese restaurants is in baton rouge (60 miles) or new orleans (135 miles). everytime we travel a vietnamese restaurant is the first thing i look up. don't get me wrong, i'm very fortunate living here in cajun country with all the mouth-watering cajun cuisine. so the next best thing is making it at home. thank goodness we have a asian market where i can get a lot of my ingredients. i enjoy all the hot, sweet, sour, salty goodness that vietnamese food has to offer. funny how all the dishes look the same but served 3 different ways. reminds me of mexican food: taco, burrito, tostada. basically the same ingredients but served 3 different ways.

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