Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where Y'at?

As I stated in my last post “its been awhile” well it has been a “long while”. I need to get back into my blogging mojo and I can’t seem to come up with any reasonable explanation for this long hiatus.

On that note, look what has bloomed, a Pink Plumeria! Look at the Lovebugs that decided to mate… A little “Aloha” I brought back from Hawaii to Louisiana.
Yat refers to a unique collection of dialects of English spoken in New Orleans, Louisiana. The term also refers to those people who speak with a Yat accent. The name comes from the common use amongst said people of the greeting, "Where y'at?" (Where you at?), which is a way of asking, "How are you?" - Wikepedia


joyce said...

ah...a plumeria that has bloomed!! i'm sure you have the weather for it...nice!

shelly said...

hey irene. i would love to get together with you and knit and talk blogging. i love your blog! i really do need that "article you promised me on blog etiquette". i think i am going to try and make a general blog with page navigation features and import my knitting blog into the more general one. and what kind of great digital blogging camera do you have? what are you making with all that yarn you got recently???