Monday, April 9, 2007

Our "VeggieTales" begins

Take a look at the Hodge-Crop! It's so exciting to go out in our garden and see what's popped up. Remember in grade school planting that seed in dixie cups? The cups would all be lined up on the window sill. Yes, that's the same excitement I get when I see that little sprout busting out of the soil. R gets all the credit. He has the "green-thumb" in the family and B and M are taking after him as well. The boys' rows of their veggies are doing quite well. They are responsible for maintaining their rows; pulling weeds, trimming, etc. My job is to cook and prepare dishes with the veggies...not a bad deal since I enjoy my time in the kitchen. The last picture is a diagram of what we planted...ahem what R, B and M has planted...

If you have a hard time viewing the diagram here's a detailed listing starting from the top row:
  • Grape Tomatoes; Cherry Tomatoes; Roma Tomatoes: Creole Tomatoes: Hybird 444 Tomatoes (no clue what kind of tomatoes these are); Sweet Corn

  • Sugar Snap Peas; more Sweet Corn

  • Crowder Peas; Green Beans

  • Cucumbers; Purple Hull Peas; Mint; Cilantro; Green Onions; Parsley

  • Zucchini; Jalepeno Peppers; Serrano Peppers; Basil; Carrots; Bell Peppers; more Creole Tomatoes

  • B's row: Sugar Baby Watermelon; Cantelope; Mint

  • M's row: Peanuts (yes peanuts!) Cantelope (he's NOT copying his brother B!); Black Diamond Watermelon

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